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We edit for content, structure, and style (substantive, structural, and stylistic editing), for grammar, punctuation, and consistency (copy editing), and for plain language.


We correct transcription errors, typos, and misspellings and make sure all elements—including the table of contents, illustrations, and references—are in order.


We create an alphabetical list of subjects, concepts, names, and places that appear in your publication.

Developmental editing

We move your project from proposal or rough manuscript to final manuscript, developing content and incorporating input from authors, consultants, and reviewers.

Photo research

We source photos, historical or contemporary, for your project and secure the necessary permissions to reproduce copyrighted images in print or electronic publications.

Project management

We manage your project from conception to completion. We collaborate with a variety of skilled people—designers, illustrators, printers—and can enlist the specialists necessary to get any job done.

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