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“It is grand to have the backup support that Audrey’s [blog] notice has given to my Churchill and Fisher. You professionals do so much of the heavy lifting in my line of work, essential to the productivity and quality of good historical writing.”

— Barry Gough, Author, Churchill and Fisher

“Amy, thank you so much for not only creating a lovely website but also being such a patient guide throughout this process. It’s been fun and I love the result.”

— Wiley Wei-Chiun Ho, Author, The Feral Children of Dunbar Street (forthcoming)

“Lucy was a phenomenal instructor. She clearly is passionate about not only editing, but about creating future editors. She was knowledgeable and friendly, and I loved that she always participated in group discussions.”

— Proofreading student from Simon Fraser University

“The expertise West Coast Editorial Associates brings to any project is invaluable and required in today’s business environment.”

— Lionel Sandner, President, Edvantage Interactive

“Lana, we are so fortunate to have had you lead us through the process of producing our 125-year history book. Your thoughtful and detailed research, interview skills, and amazing writing led us to this great outcome. We sincerely appreciate your commitment to making our history come to life.”

— Jeff Musialek, President and Co-CEO, Smith Bros. & Wilson

“Thanks, Lana, for your work on Peace, Love & Fibre. I was so happy with the copyedit, and Mairlyn Smith [the author] told me she just felt so lucky to have someone asking these questions now rather than after publication! We were both really pleased at how thoroughly you’d researched her style, making notes and choices based on her previous books. It was pretty much the perfect author/ editor/ copyeditor connection.”

— Zoe Maslow, Senior Editor, Appetite by Random House
“The plain language course was enjoyable and exceptionally engaging and practical. I strongly recommend everyone takes this session at least once! Rowena creates a learning environment where individuals feel safe and encouraged to ask questions. Her extensive knowledge base is truly impressive, and I left the course with valuable tips and tricks that I can use every day!”
— Vanessa Maragh, Workshop Participant

“Thank you to Barbara, for not only her exceptional writing and editing work but also her professionalism when working on complex projects with tight timelines and with a variety of stakeholders involved. Barbara has become a person we all know we can count on for delivering high-quality work.”

— Robynne Devine, Senior Projects Manager, Collaborative Projects, BCcampus

“Thank you, Rowena, for your efficiency and eagle-eyed skill in editing this book. Having such a competent and reliable editor has been of great comfort to me.”

— Geoff Mynett, Author, Service on the Skeena

“West Coast Editorial Associates has always delivered high-quality services. The partners we’ve hired have impeccable work ethics, are extremely reliable, possess an exemplary style of writing, and always offer invaluable suggestions.”

— Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada

“I had used other proofreaders and thought my book copy was clean and ready to go. Ruth returned a proof that showed what everyone else had missed. Now my professional readers have a professional book. I am thrilled with Ruth’s work and recommend her completely.”

— Louise Karch, Author, Word Glue: Find Your Million-Dollar Brand Name

“West Coast Editorial Associates conducted a workshop on proofreading and developed a proofreading manual for our division. They did an excellent job tailoring their products to our needs, and both services were well received by staff.”

— Public Involvement, Liquid Waste Services and Water Services, Metro Vancouver

“As ECEBC’s managing editor for many years, Barbara is always professional and detail-oriented, and she cares deeply about our work. She is a shining star.”

— Emily Gawlick, Executive Director, Early Childhood Educators of BC

“Thank you for leading ICBC’s office of strategy management through 4 hours of plain language instruction. The pace and level of content was just right for our team, and the practice exercises and discussion time helped cement the concepts.”

— Workshop participant from Insurance Corporation of British Columbia

“The thorough and diplomatic work of West Coast Editorial Associates allowed us to turn our attention away from concerns about content and focus on design and production.”

— Susan Mavor, Principal, Metaform Communication Design

“The clear writing course was excellent, and is worth taking, either as an introduction or a refresher. The learning was expertly tailored and it was a pleasure to work with Lana from start to finish. The interactive sessions were a safe forum for all questions, no matter how small, and they answered the needs of all our participants, regardless of their level of experience.”

— Andrea Loken, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

“The copy editing and proofreading services provided by West Coast Editorial Associates are uniformly excellent, and their on-time performance is exceptional.”

— Jay Draper, Managing Editor, BC Medical Journal
“Rowena presents tools and techniques for plain writing in an accessible and concise manner. The course is engaging and interactive, providing multiple opportunities to apply the tools and build knowledge. I appreciated that the course covered both vocabulary and formatting options to foster clear communication. Throughout the course, I reflected on examples of my own work that could be improved by using plain language and was able to apply the best practices immediately.”
— Jennifer Sainz, Workshop Participant

“The corporate history book you produced for us is amazing, and so was your team. Thank you!”

— Randy Mowat, Senior Vice President, Marketing, MNP LLP

“Lana, I want to thank you for a great course. I think you do a great balancing act of delivering honest critique while staying respectful and kind. I have learned so much!”

— Proofreading student from Simon Fraser University

“I remember my first call asking for assistance in professionally editing and publishing a book. To see what has been accomplished is certainly beyond my expectations. A big thanks to Lucy for keeping us moving and truly, at times, pushing us to the finish line!”

— Beverly Collins, National Secretary-Treasurer, Canadian Union of Postal Workers

“I knew we were in good hands. You certainly have been excellent to work with, and I will recommend you to anyone without hesitation.”

— Monika MacNeill, Manager, Corporate Identity, humanworks consulting group inc.
“If you’re an employer looking to improve your team’s effective communication for internal or external purposes, we wholeheartedly recommend Rowena Rae and the West Coast Editorial Team as facilitators and subject matter experts. Their courses offer invaluable tools and knowledge, helping to enhance the skills of your workforce and ensuring your organization’s success.”
— Caroline Gores, Employer

“Thank you, Rowena, for developing and delivering such a practical, informative, and engaging writing workshop for my policy team. I have already recommended you to several government colleagues and look forward to working with you again in the future.”

— Jenny Inkpen, BC Liquor Distribution Branch
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