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A partner of West Coast Editorial Associates and a Certified Professional Editor (CPE), Lana Okerlund has researched, written, edited, indexed, and/or managed the production of numerous corporate and family history books. Here are a few of her projects.

Go Big: A Tribute to Jim McPhail

Lana Okerlund

Family Metal: The Story of ABC Recycling

Lana Okerlund

Hearts & Minds: 150 Years of Trinity College School

Echo Storytelling Agency

UBC: The Next Century

Tyee Bridge

A Mosaic of Years: The Story of Our Lake Samish Cabin

Lana Okerlund

A Cool Ride: The Story of Moray Keith

Lana Okerlund

From Gold Trails and Farm Fields: The Story of Our Ordinary Extraordinary Family

Lana Okerlund

You Got That Right: The Story of Wendy McDonald and BC Bearing Engineers

Lana Okerlund

An Interesting Life: The Story of Bill and Mary Everett

Lana Okerlund

SRK: 40 Years in the Deep End

Ian Mulgrew

The Larder of the Wise

M. Anne Wyness

Finding Our Own Way: The Story of MNP’s First Sixty Years

Lana Okerlund

This Earth Is Ours: 30 Organic Years Along Nature’s Path

Gurdeep Stephens

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