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Georgina retired from West Coast Editorial Associates on January 1, 2018.

Georgina began her editing and writing career in the areas of forestry and natural resources management. She continued to work in those fields, plus many others, including auditing, tourism development, and education. During her career, hundreds of projects journeyed across her desk, from scientific and technical reports, annual reports, and plain language summaries to national occupational standards, reference manuals, high school science textbooks, and promotional materials.

She has two degrees (BA, Concordia University; MA, University of Victoria) and is a recipient of the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence from Editors Canada.

On the side, Georgina indulges her interest in people, the arts, outdoor recreation, and travel by researching and writing freelance articles (not to mention books; she’s written two). At play she’s a recreational sailor, runner, and hiker, working to stay in shape so she’s ready when the big adventure calls.

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