Yvonne Van Ruskenveld

As a policy analyst in the federal government, Yvonne realized that her favourite part of the work was the writing and editing. Deciding that freelance editing and writing would be a more portable career than policy analysis, she struck out on her own.

Yvonne draws on her experiences with a wide range of clients and different types of publications, including textbooks, teachers’ resources, trade books, websites, government reports, promotional materials, training manuals, conference proceedings, and articles. She is skilled at all types of editing and specializes in developmental editing of educational resources. She also has extensive experience in project management, having managed large multi-book, multi-platform projects involving teams of editors, indexers, artists, and designers.

When she isn’t editing or writing professionally, Yvonne loves to travel—both in time and place. Locally, she brings the history of Victoria to life by designing and leading walking tours. Away from home, she enjoys discovering distant places and cultures around the world.