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West Coast Editorial Associates can write what you need, edit what you’ve written, or train you and your staff to write and edit more effectively. We can look after the words in your life by managing your entire project or by handling a single aspect of it.


Whatever level of editing you need, we have the partner or the team to get the job done.


Whether your material is long or short, technical or general, we can research, write, or rewrite it.


If your staff needs a refresher, we offer workshops and coaching in writing and editing.

“Thanks for your work on Peace, Love & Fibre. I was so happy with the copyedit, and Mairlyn Smith [the author] told me she just felt so lucky to have someone asking these questions now rather than after publication! We were both really pleased at how thoroughly you’d researched her style, making notes and choices based on her previous books. It was pretty much the perfect author/ editor/ copyeditor connection.”

— Zoe Maslow, Editor, Appetite by Random House

“West Coast Editorial Associates conducted a workshop on proofreading and developed a proofreading manual for our division. They did an excellent job tailoring their products to our needs, and both services were well received by staff.”

— Public Involvement, Liquid Waste Services and Water Services, Metro Vancouver

“The cooperative approach, creative suggestions, and problem-solving abilities of West Coast Editorial Associates have helped our association immensely through the complex production of a wide range of documents, including manuals, promotional brochures and articles, announcements, and website material.”

— Wendy Johnson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

“The expertise West Coast Editorial Associates brings to any project is invaluable and required in today’s business environment.”

— Lionel Sandner, President, Edvantage Interactive

“The West Coast Editorial Associates team demonstrated sound editing abilities by reworking two technical papers—one multi-authored with many illustrations and references. They turned both papers into coherent and accessible documents.”

— Sheila Protti, General Editor, Commissioned Papers, Walkerton Inquiry

“Our workshop with West Coast Editorial was hugely successful. The facilitator focused the training on our needs and presented complex concepts with ease and humour. Her confidence and depth of knowledge really shone when responding to questions from staff.”

— Rob Sutherland, Director of Hansard Services, Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

“West Coast Editorial Associates has always delivered high-quality services. The partners we’ve hired have impeccable work ethics, are extremely reliable, possess an exemplary style of writing, and always offer invaluable suggestions.”

— Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada

“The facilitator made what could have been dry content very interesting. I loved the presentation, the activities, and the use of current examples to help us learn new concepts.”

— Sydnie Nicoll, former training specialist, Kit and Ace

“We really appreciated the careful work done by West Coast Editorial Associates on Prairie. There is no doubt that the copy editing contributed to the quality of the book.”

— Nancy Flight, Associate Publisher, Greystone Books

“The corporate history book you produced for us is amazing, and so was your team. Thank you!”

— Randy Mowat, Senior Vice President, Marketing, MNP LLP

“Our team could not have accomplished what we did, or done it so well, without the diligence, professionalism, perseverance, and organizational abilities of West Coast Editorial Associates personnel.”

— Norma Kennedy, Senior Program Manager, Nelson Education

“The copy editing and proofreading services provided by West Coast Editorial Associates are uniformly excellent, and their on-time performance is exceptional.”

— Jay Draper, Managing Editor, BC Medical Journal

“The thorough and diplomatic work of West Coast Editorial Associates allowed us to turn our attention away from concerns about content and focus on design and production.”

— Susan Mavor, Principal, Metaform Communication Design

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